2022 Projects

The Rotary Club of Maroondah and associated clubs give 100% of the proceeds to Charity. This page sees the projects that are undertaken for the 2021 & 2022 funded year. If you would like to donate you can scan the QR code below. We and the worthy recipients appreciate your wonderful support. Thank you

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Taveuni – Fiji Eye Project

Since 2005, the Rotary Club of Taveuni Island has been running the Taveuni Eye Project, the goal of which is to give sight to children and adults from remote rural areas of Fiji. The project, which is normally conducted annually, changes the lives of hundreds of the poorest Fijians each year by restoring their eyesight. The most recent project in 2019 resulted in the completion of 304 operations (mainly Cataract and Pterygium removals) during its intensive two-week period. In addition, 118 people completed eye and health checks that did not need any optical intervention, resulting a total of over 400 Fijians treated and given critical health advice and referral to their local medical teams.

This vital Rotary sponsored eye project is undertaken entirely by volunteers, including specialist doctors and nurses who travel from New Zealand, Australia (Melbourne and Tasmania), USA, Argentina and the Fijian Islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, who are backed up by local and international volunteer workers, all at no cost to the patients. Training of local medical staff is a key component of the project.

Peter Mac – Mal Padgett’s 200km bike ride

In recognition of Mal Padgett’s hard work and dedication in advising and managing the technical audio aspects of The 2021 Rice Meal, the Board agreed to donate $500.00 to Mal’s Charity of Choice.

Operation Toilets – International Project Contribution

Contribution towards a previous successful Global Grant to support behavior change with some infrastructure components in disadvantaged communities to promote improved hygiene across villages to support schools and support improved education and community outcome.

Operation Cleft

Operation Cleft is a unique Rotary project that provides free cleft surgery for underprivileged children throughout South East Asia but specifically in Bangladesh. The aim of Operation Cleft is to perform 1,000 operations per year.

Laptops for Sri Lankan students

This private project involves the provision of funds to allow either the building from parts or purchase at good rates of basic laptops at @ $400 each for use by underprivileged students within a local Sri Lankan village. Specifically, the project is directed to the Sri Lankan Burgher community.

Champion – Temple Society Australia

For Lillie’s contribution towards The Rice Meal and as Lillie’s Charity of Choice, Our Club would love to donate $1,660.00 to Champion, to continue to provide meals, support, vouchers and school books to those less fortunate. Lillie chose Champion as her charity of choice for Lillie’s help, assistance and dedication to The Rice Meal and all things Rotary.

Uniting Victoria and Tasmania

The Club decided part of The Rice Meal allocation should go towards Uniting Victoria and Tasmania and in particular the Swag Back Packs.

The Rotary Foundation – Annual Giving Program 2022

In line with previous contributions to the Annual Giving program of the Rotary Foundation, it is proposed to the Board that our contribution for 2022 be based on 20 members at US$120 / member (US$2400). Based on the RI exchange rate of 1.38 this equates to a figure of A$3312

Days for Girls – International project contribution

Identified and agreed funding commitment by the International Committee – To support the Days for Girls – Jenny Moran – DG Partner project.

The Basin Community House

The Basin Community House have been providing ‘wok up’ lunches for the Kalorama community after the recent storm ravaged communities in the hills.

Reaching Out Because We Can

Funding proposals to provide needed food etc

Lillie Giang

Funding to assist in the Karorma crisis areas, food etc

Malawi high school student sponsorship

Over a number of years our club has sponsored high school student in Malawi. The last student sponsored was Chikondi Banda. Chikondi has since obtained a scholarship from UNICEF leaving an opening to sponsor another student. Frank Lawton on behalf of RC Croydon Montrose has been in touch with the school in question and has identified 3 students, eligible for sponsorship.

RAWCS Fundraiser – Dandenong Ranges

Storm recovery effort with DG 9810