National Youth Science Forum

The National Youth Science Forum provides year 11 students with the opportunity to test-drive careers in science, engineering and related disciplines. The Forum is designed to engender a greater knowledge and passion for sciences as well as improving each student’s personal development, their perception, communication and organisational skills and provides valuable contacts, friendships and mentors. Open to applicants about to enter the final year of Secondary education who have demonstrated an outstanding interest in science and technology. This year we have had four student who have been selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum in January 2018. They are all very competent and are all interested in various fields of science, medicine and bio-science. We think that they will find the experience invaluable in their pursuit of a career in science

Our Club has supported this program over many years. This year we had one  successful  applicant accepted for the course which took  place at the Australian National University in Canberra. Unfortunately the program had to be cancelled after the first day as the 2020 bushfires were threatening Canberra.  The student would have gained valuable knowledge which would have   assisted him to choose what area of science he would pursue after leaving secondary school