We are all M.A.D. in our Club because we are Making A Difference.

Our members come from small business and from all levels in local organisations such as government, finance, health, transport and education and we all have one thing in common- a desire to make a positive difference in the world.

What’s In It For Me?

A Worldwide Community – By joining Rotary, you become a member of a vast international organisation of 1.2 million members worldwide. There are 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries.

Rotary has no political or religious affiliations so these things play no part in Rotary meetings or activities

Networking – Expand your network of friends and business acquaintances in the Maroondah. There are rules in Rotary that prevent meetings from becoming a pyramid seller’s dream. Rotary is not a forum to be used for soliciting sales or free advice. That being said, in the spirit of friendship and mutual benefit, there is a lot to gain from working side by side with a large group of decision makers.

Fun and Friendship with like minded people who share the same goals.

Giving Back to the Community and Others Less Fortunate – Be it fundraising for a local charity or project, volunteering at an event, working with youth, assisting those less fortunate, helping in natural disasters, equipping a hospital overseas, or assisting in a developing country, the list is endless.

Personal growth and development – Rotary could help you develop leadership, public speaking, social and vocational skills as well as improve your cultural awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Being involved with Rotary and getting involved with your community enhances your standing with your customers and clients.

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Come along and visit us one evening.