Maroondah Mobility

Providing A Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle for the Community

Mobility challenged people can range from children with acquired birth disabilities, stroke victims of any age, accident victims, paraplegic & quadriplegic victims and MS sufferers or any other situation causing a family to require immediate mobility assistance.

The primary objective of this project was to make available a low cost rental vehicle service specifically for the short-term use of residents in the City of Maroondah who intermittently need access to a modified passenger vehicle suitable for the transport of people in wheelchairs together with their carers.

The project has provided a suitably modified passenger vehicle (MPV) available for short-term rentals from a central location within the City of Maroondah. The MPV is located at Eastern Volunteers which provide the capability for taking bookings, invoicing, servicing of the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is clean, fuelled, roadworthy, registered and insured at all times.

We see the project as a pilot for similar projects which can be run by other Rotary clubs or Rotary Districts to service other communities of varying size in Australia or internationally.


This project has provided mobility, inclusion and independence to our disabled citizens, their families and carers. The resulting mobility and independence has made a positive contribution to the quality of life for many families in Maroondah. The project  provides ongoing, tangible evidence to the community of the supportive relationship between Rotary and its corporate sponsors.